Fergus is a town known for its “Little Falls”, a scenic waterfall in the heart of downtown.

A small town with both rural charm and urban amenities, Fergus is situated on the magnificent Grand River, just over one hour to the northwest of Toronto. Boasting a population of just over 19,000, Fergus is the largest urban centre within the Township of Centre Wellington and is located just five minutes down the road from Elora, home of the internationally renowned Elora Festival.

Fergus has a long and proud history, and has been known by different names starting with Pierpoint Settlement in honour of Richard Pierpoint, the leader of the freed slaves who settled in the area in 1833. That same year James Webster and Adam Fergusson purchased thousands of acres of land in Nichol Township and later established the town of Little Falls, now Fergus. Many of the original stone houses, churches and industrial facilities built in the 1800s and early 1900s still dot the landscape. Walking tours, run by the Fergus Business Improvement Area, give visitors a peak into the past.

Fergus prides itself on many things, including the special events it holds. The Antique & Classic Car Show, which is preparing for its 17th edition, is very popular. Other events that capture the hearts and imagination of residents and tourists are: The Fergus Lions Club Home & Garden Show, The Fergus Truck Show, Fergus Highland Games and Scottish Festival, the Fergus Fall Fair, and the Elora-Fergus Studio Tour. Many artists find inspiration in the area and are among those who proudly call Fergus home.

Walking is one of many popular recreational activities available in the area: residents also enjoy cycling, hiking, exploring the Gorge, plus volleyball, hockey, soccer and other sports. The area features programs for all ages.

Fergus is a vibrant community which offers all the amenities of larger centres, but with the warm welcome only found in small town Ontario.

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